I dont know how to start with this blog. Before i come to school I imagine myself being a new student being a transferee. How will i survive, How will I do adjustments without my mom, How to be independent teen knowing that I’m living only with my grandpa and one of my cousins, how will I do my homeworks alone, how will I study alone without someone helping me. IM ALL A SCRATCH 

    It’s been a long day today. I had my orientation in my new school sbca. I was really anxious to go down the car and get in the campus. I don’t know anybody. it is my first time to transfer school and be called as ‘new student’ I dont even know how to deal with being a transferee and stuff but i guess i survived after all. 
   I’ve met new friends, I’ve made new friends. I’ve over come one of my fear. Being in new school is not that easy. you need to do some adjustments you need to fit in with people. I don’t know where to start. I dont know what to do. I do have background about the school but it’s not enough. 

It’s really great with the feeling that you’ve know you over come one of your fear, that you had accomplish something today. that you have explored things today. 

It’s been a long day for me night y’all!
Late night realizations

yung pakiramdam na pinagsisisihan mo. di pa nga nag sisismula pinag sisishan mo na. hindi mo pa nga alam yung mangyayare pinag sisihan mo na :| yung pakiramdam na “mali yata tong pinili ko” “mali ata ako” sinisisi mo na agad sarili mo kase alam mo una pa lang mali na 😢 ANG SAKIT LANG KASE AT THE END OF THE DAY HINDI NAMAN TALAGA OKAY ANG LAHAT :(

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They just don’t understand.
hi. I’m addicted to Vampire Diaries. I finished the first season for 1 week while the second season for only just three days, and I had finished the first half of the third season for one day. GAAAAH. I’m addicted okay but who cares naaah I love to watch the series. 

For those who aren’t watching these series YOU MUST GO WATCH. I’m sure you’d really love it. 

that’s all :) bye

My mom dropped by today to give me some things that I need for school.

Everytime i think about school stuffs I kept on repeating asking myself “do I really want this?” “is this the life that I really want?” and i get on a teary eye i don’t know why I’m crying just because of this. i asked myself again “can I do this?” “can I survive with this?” “can I?” that question I ask myself everyday. again and again and again. until i got my tears drop.

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It’s exactly 12 am and it’s the month of June here in my country and this month where school starts in just a few weeks.

GAAAAH. Oh june you’re so back, how I wish you could just go away and never come back! ugh. school comes into my nerves you know. I get nervous from day by day thingking about school stuffs. And i hate it.
~Wish me luck. bye.

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I don’t know. naaaah. how should i wirte this? 

i don’t know why the fuck i get nervous when it comes to school stuffs. School will open in just a few weeks, and i dont fucking understand myself why do i get kinda nervous about it. It’s just can’t explain the feeling, I can’t tell anyone. ugh. bye. 

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Hi. gusto ko lang gumawa ng blog :)

kakauwi ko lang galing school :) di ko alam mararamdamn ko :) takot. natatakot ako kase baka di ko kayanin, baka di ako mag fit in, baka di ko ma take lahat, BAKA HINDI KO KAYA. Kinakabahan. Kinakabahan kase baka di ko masuklian, kinakabahan kase baka mabigo ko lang lahat.

Bago ko ginawa yung desisyon na toh. pulit ulit kong tinanong sarili ko, paulit ulit kong kinausap si God. everyday and every night paulit ulit kong kinausap tinanong lahat. pa ulit ulit. pinag isipan kong mabuti. SANA LANG, HINDI KO TOH PAG SISIHAN.

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